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Oxford Pillowcases - 100% Pure Irish Linen (White)

Oxford Pillowcases - 100% Pure Irish Linen (White)

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There's nothing quite like linen bedding. Combine that with over a century of experience working with linen, and you've a winning combination. 

A lot of the natural features of linen really come into play when it comes to bedding. Linen doesn't just work temperature magic, it's also hypoallergenic and inhibits bacterial growth.

Sleep in pure Irish linen every night - authentic, natural and easy to clean and care for. Sleep in total relaxation and revitalise your well being, and understand why linen will provide you with comfort 24/7. Perfect for every bedroom or guest room.

Made From 100% Pure Irish Linen

Set of 2, each 51x76 cm, 20x30 inches
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