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Tea Towel (Linen) "French Hearts"

Tea Towel (Linen) "French Hearts"

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Linen tea towels have been the choice of generations. Perhaps it's due to its durability, anti-bacterial properties, amazing absorption rate or the high quality linen your used to.  If you haven't tried them, we have the tea towel for the job. 

These tea towels are durable and tough, yet soft and highly absorbent. With almost no lint,  they're exceptionally compatible with shiny mirrors and sparkling crystal! A household in Ireland that doesn't have one of these, or at least recognise them, is a rare thing. These tea towels are one of the longest produced items at the Ferguson mill in Banbridge, Ireland. Perfect for everyday use, they're absorbent and quick drying.

They work great for dishes, proving bread, cleaning surfaces, soaking up spills and keeping kids clean.


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